Milk Single Origin Subscription

44.50 every month

With this monthly subscription you’ll get 1kg of a different high end single origin roasted in a way that makes taste spectacular with short espressos and milk based coffee’s every month. These are all coffee’s that would normally be deemed too expensive to roast for milk, most of these coffee’s are naturally processed or experimental lots.

We provide instructions on how to brew each months coffee for your choice of milk as well as a series of tasting notes for you to find.

This subscription is cancellable and refundable at any time if you’re dissatisfied in any way. Each order comes in a resealable 1kg bag.

Previous milk origins include:
Colombia Santa Monica Castillo Natural
Sumatra Wahana Estate Rasuna Natural

These each sold out within a week so we’ve switched to a subscription model to anticipate demand a little better.

Each month is roasted and on the 1st business day and shipped within a few days.

Up next for July is: Finca Maputo Sidra lot